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Charity Partnerships

Our intended Charitable Giving services require the approval of the FCA and HMRC before we can commence these services. Please follow us on LinkedIn for updates. 


W​e do not make anonymous charity donations. 

We do of course have some charities/organisations that we personally admire for their amazing work, courage, and inspiring behaviors.


Please note that Green Swan or Green Swan Financial does not have any formal partnership with the organisations listed below (nor should it be implied that they endorse us in any way shape or form) in listing them below it is simply out of admiration for their kindness, hard work, and achievements towards global Financial Inclusion. 

Kiva - over $2 bn of loans to some of the most deserving people in the poorest parts of the world. The repayment rates are incredible and show that not only are refugees a 'good financial bet' but that loans can be made over and over again. Thank you team Kiva your contribution to global financial inclusion is quite literally world-class and worldwide.

Azalea - for their kindness and courage towards locally sex trafficked women, and their work to empower sustainable transformation in the lives of all impacted by sex trafficking.  



fair4allfinance - for raising the profile, potential and scalability of UK 'dormant funds' to be used for good causes. Their inspiring work aims "to make the financial services sector fairer for everyone"

If you are a UK charity we would very much like to hear from you - especially if your charity is focused on:

  • Financial Inclusion

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Prevention of Human Trafficking

Thanks for sending from the Green Swan team!

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