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Culture and Values



The right culture in regulated firms is critical for long-term success, a sustainable business model and predictable shareholder value.  Culture can be defined as:

Culture = Values + Behaviour.   

Our Values are: 

  • Compliance first in everything we do

  • Do the right thing

  • Digital and data-driven 

  • If you can be anything. Be kind  

  • Financial inclusion for everyone

  • Be Green. The planet is for everyone

  • Courage to be different

  • Everyone is welcome here

  • Make it fun.

Our beliefs empower our culture and values 

Regulatory Audits have an important role in ensuring firms are "Doing the right things". However, annual audits conducted manually,  based on historical information, small sample sizes, and interviews with a small number of 'selected staff' have serious limitations in a fast-paced dynamic industry.

When things go wrong value destruction EMI businesses their Agents and Distributors, and consumer harm can be dramatic.


RAaaS has been designed to help you proactively reduce risk and increase the resilience of your business. 


We believe that the future requires digital behavior-driven audits augmented with machine learning and AI. RAaaS can be combed in a blended manner with traditional skilled auditors will create a stronger and more resilient EMI industry.


Compliance first in everything we do

  • Key to long-term shareholder value

  • As a competitive advantage

  • Keeps bad actors out

  • Prevents crime

  • Is the right thing to do.


Do the right thing

  • Having the 'right moral compass' is fundamental 

  • Complex regulatory situations require enlightened people, with superb communication skills and tenacity

  • On occasions doing the right thing is not doing the easy things.


Digital and data-driven 

  • Payments technology moves at lightning speed. Compliance needs to match it

  • Our decisions are always data and evidence-driven but with human insight and intuition

  • Digital data and AI have to work together to fight crime.

Financial inclusion for everyone

  • The world and finance is not 'fair'

  • Financial exclusion impacts vulnerable people the most

  • Our work aims to make the world a fairer place

  • We are committed to our charity-giving objectives.


If you can be anything. Be kind 

  • Kindness is not expensive

  • Kindness is not difficult

  • Kindness is nice to give and nice to receive.

Everyone is welcome here

  • A diverse and inclusive team is quite simply the best team 


Make it Fun

  • Life is too short and work too long not to have fun

  • We deal with serious subjects, we like to have fun as well.

Courage to be different

  • Being the same and doing the same as everyone else does not drive positive change 

  • Being different takes courage and hard work but is worth it

  • Bringing people with you on a change journey is important. It can be fun too when done with humor and kindness. 


Be Green
The Planet is for Everyone

  • "No one is too small to make a difference." Greta Thunberg

  • Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) is for everyone, and everyone needs to do their bit.

Be Green
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